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Are you usually active but not performing at your optimum level? Is something keeping you from being your best? Are you ready to feel and move better?

Trauma, illness, and stress impact the condition of our fascia (the strong connective tissue web within our body) compromising body structures and functions and manifesting a variety of symptoms. Over time, our well-being and health are impacted further by our choices, patterns, and experiences. We may experience pain, limited flexibility, or other challenges.

Myofascial Release Therapy can benefit all as we increase our consciousness, shift patterns, and experience authentic healing. Experience a profoundly relaxing session with results for your body and mind. We apply stretch or gentle sustained pressure into tight and restricted areas aiding your body in relaxing and softening. We work directly on your skin without oils to better sense the restrictions and maintain the holds that offer long lasting change in your body. Each session is as unique as you!

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